Sometimes it's a petal in the burning colors of a sunset.
Sometimes it's the underside of a leaf, its fierce veins ending in a ruffle at the edge.
Sometimes it's a stem bowing to the gray, muddy soil.

Photographer Carl Talley likes to look at nature in a different way. He looks at what may seem like nothing at all - grass clippings, the garden after it's bloomed; the things we rake up and toss out. Upon looking closer, he is intrigued by the nuances, isolating them withlighting to express nature's quiet beauty. This curiosity with nature has been part of Carl since he was in high school. Growing up in Pennsylvania, he just had to walk outside and nearby was an old dairy farm, buried in the woods, to explore. It had long since closed but it sparked in Carl the joy in capturingthe overlooked in nature.

Enrolling in a photography course in high school, Carl's teacher took an interest in Carl's way of connecting with the outdoors. Carl's Uncle Al, a photographer and painter, was also a big influence, helping Carl find equipment that wasn't in vogue at the time but produced bigger negatives to add more clarity to the photography. Carl went on to attend Rhode Island School of Design, graduating with a B.F.A. in photography.

After working as a photographer's assistant in Baltimore, Maryland, Carl moved to Glastonbury, Connecticut where he has lived with his family for more than 20 years. Carl was the Studio Manager at Filenes for the past 14 years, supervising all photography for their Home Furnishings department. Carl is in the process of establishing a commercial studio while promoting the fine art aspects of photography.